События и развлечения

In terms of activities one can do in this gorgeous four seasons’ part of the world, the sky is the limit. The scope of cultural activities and events is enormous given the fact that three larger cities are near Evian-les-Bains. They range from the international Casino to Dance and Opera Performances as well as Theater in different languages.
It does not matter what kind of sports you prefer, you can do them all right here on Lake Geneva. There is Boating (power and Sail), Croquet, Climbing, Diving, Equestrian including Jumping, Golfing, Hang-gliding, Hiking, Mountaineering, Parasailing, Ping-Pong, Rowing, Sailing, Swimming, Trekking and Tennis.
This might not be a complete list. It shows you however, a bit of the large variety of possibilities.


Альпинизм, треккинг, гольф, парусный спорт, полеты на параплане, плавание, водные лыжи, подводное плавание, гребля, теннис, конный спорт
лыжи, сноуборд, катание на коньках
Казино, кино, концерты, опера, театр, шоппинг