Lake Geneva is a marvelous ‘left-over’ of the last ice period. It is permanently fed with fresh water thanks to the river Rhone that is flowing right through it, hence it never freezes. It has roughly an East – West outline and is approximately 72 km long and about 9km at its widest spot. On its sloping hillsides surrounding it you will find lovely vineyards with hamlet villages and impressive castles and chateaux.
At its Southwestern tip of the lake you will find the quite international City of Geneva with all its beautiful museums, old City, very exclusive shopping of all kinds of luxury articles, as well the other Headquarter of the UNO and all its affiliates and most international associations.
On the opposite Eastern end of the lake you have Montreux known for among other events its famous summer Jazz Festival.
In the middle on the Northern shore is Lausanne the third largest city in Switzerland with the world headquarters of the Olympic Games and nearby Nestle, the world’s # 1 food concern.
In the center on the Southern Shore (Cote d’Or) which is French lies the most international small town of Evian-les-Bains. Since nearly 200 years it is famous for being ‘the Spa town'; with its Grand Hotel Royal and its enormous facilities, the Evian Championship Golf Course, the world’s richest prize money Ladies Golf Tournament and part of the LPGA tour, the glitzy Casino, the No 1 – EVIAN water, which does not need any further explanation and now coming up, the only real exclusive high end luxury residential villa Palais Trianon with just seven apartments in the community of Publier/Evian.


· Western Border of Evian
· 29 miles from Geneva and Airport
· 6 miles from Lausanne by ferry
· 1 minute from Evian Golf Training Center
· 2 minutes from Evian Masters Golf Course
· 3 minutes from Evian Center
· 5 minutes from TGV connections to Paris
· Sloping terrain with unrivaled lake view

Overview Lake Geneva