The developer of this ultra-luxurious project has several decades of international experience in the Real Estate Industry. The deep knowledge ranges from building to design and development to marketing and sales from as different cultures and countries like Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland in Europe to United States of America, Caribbean Islands in the Americas, to Fiji Islands in the South Pacific and to China, Japan, Asia.
He discovered the beauty of the South Shore of Lake Geneva/Lac Leman or as the French say “Cote d’Or” when visiting in the early 1980 ties. It took another 16 years of research until he found the one and only sleepy, but in summer very international small town of Evian-les-Bains with its extra ordinary rich history of having been the SPA town for nearly 200 years already – not to mention the famous water EVIAN. He purchased a place for himself in the year 2000; and a few years afterwards started his first development project there. This was successfully pre-sold from blue prints only and finished in time and budget.
Each project has always been executed under a separate corporate name and so this one will be as well under the name of ALPINE IMMO GROUP S.A.R.L.